Pearl Mouse – For a Comfortable Surfing Experience

If you’re a nerd who, like me, spends a lot of time in front of a computer, then the way that the mouse pinches your median nerve, causing a painful sensation down your arm, is probably a common issue, and you probably wish you could stop it from happening. Lee Gicas has been working on a project he calls Pearl Mouse, which doesn’t look quite like it sounds. It is, however, a computer mouse designed to help prevent hand fatigue.


Design-wise, the mouse looks sleek and pretty cool. The top surface is designed in such a way that it will pivot in different directions so that the user will be able to flex their wrist, instead of keeping it locked. It’s designed as an arch, and so it looks really aerodynamic in design.


The top portion is capable of motion, and it is enough to keep your wrist flexing, so that it doesn’t tighten up. Specs wise, the mouse is optical, and has a cable and wheel, which are standard of most PC mice nowadays. It’s not clear whether it will be customized for a Mac user, but it certainly would benefit them if it does.


The range of movement and functionality is pretty broad, since it looks like you can detach the top part and move it around more freely, and while I’m not sure why you’d ever do that, it’s still a nice feature to have.


The overall shape is comfortable, and works well for a standard mouse. There have been several concept designs for the mouse, including a lot more movable parts, but those look complicated, and this one is pretty easy to adjust to, so I’m glad this one was picked.



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