Dr. Who TARDIS Cookie Jar Talks!

Eating cookies was never as funny as it is going to be now with the new Dr. Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar.

Cookie Jar

This enthralling cooking jar is a complete innovation in the world of cookies. Eating cookies directly from this jar makes even the simplest of cookies taste yummy. Grab a TARDIS cookie jar for your cookies to make cookie eating an all together different activity.

The special USP of this jar is that it makes sweet sounds with beautiful light effects. This cool looking Dr. Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar measures 10 ½ inches X 6 inches X 6 inches. It features light and sound effects that get activated by pushing down the lamp or by closing the lid.

Make your kitchen look techno with this amazing Dr. Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar that will be fun both for you and your kids. Also known as Time And Relative Dimension In Space, TARDIS is, in fact, a time traveling device and vessel that is utilized by Doctor Who. This interesting cookie jar is actually a manifestation of Time Lord Technology.

Those who have actually bought this jar are impressed with its shape that imitates the lord’s favorite time machine. The jar doesn’t talk in reality but makes TARDIS sounds. Some users of this Dr. Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar are keen to know the translation of TARDIS as it speaks.

Dr. Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar gets activated with the help of 3 1.5V G13 button cell batteries that are included in the package. Its manufacturer, Doctor Who, has always brought out interesting collectibles for people who seek different types of day to day life products like USB hubs, pen holders, and other interesting things.

Dr. Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar is a cool way of storing your cookies. It keeps your cookies safe and ensures they don’t get spoiled no matter what season it is. Even kids who don’t like eating cookies will start eating them when they see cookies stored in this cookie jar.

You can even choose to present Dr. Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar as a sweet gift filled with delicious and yummy cookies to a loved one on occasions like birthdays, housewarming, or wedding anniversary. To make this perfect cookie jar yours or to get your loved one have it in his or her kitchen, you just need to spend $26.99.

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