Lego Monster Unleashes Sizeable Lego USS Intrepid Model

Ed “Lego Monster” Diment signals his appreciation of the USS Intrepid by constructing a LEGO replica which is painstakingly accurate, not just in scaled dimensions but also in detail.


Though the USS Intrepid was decommissioned in 1974 after 31 years of service in the US Navy, its legend lives on. The Essex-class aircraft carrier is notable for its role in several campaigns in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II, and is now the basis of Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in New York.

Lego USS Intrepid Inside
Take a look at this gargantuan model, and there’s no doubt that the artist put in hundreds of hours of hard work into this. Talk about attention to detail.

Lego USS Intrepid 02

The replica, built at a scale of 1:40 measures 23 feet long. That’s more than half the length of some of the newer double decker bus models from the UK! No wonder the artist had such trouble containing it within his conservatory.

Lego USS Intrepid 03
The replica features removable hangar deck panels, and obviously from the various pictures, is very hard to capture in its full glory.

Lego USS Intrepid 05
Ed “Lego Monster” Diment also transported the model to the exhibit himself using several wooden boxes, which incidentally, were also sawn by him. When you dedicate so much of your time to build something like this, you can’t really trust anyone else with it, as they can’t understand what you went through to bring the project to completion.

Lego USS Intrepid 06
The model is currently on display at the Great Western Lego Show in Swindon, UK. Though it’s not officially up for sale currently, if you have a thing for Lego and a 100 grand in your change jar, you might just be able to acquire it. Ed “will be more than happy to give you the fully finished product with all the aircraft, and include shipping and a bottle of Champagne to launch her! So, which one of you actually has $100,000 to spare…”

Lego USS Intrepid 07

Lego USS Intrepid 08

Lego USS  Intrepid 01

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