Public Twitter Booths 2.0 On the Go for the Average Joe

Twitter really is everywhere now. This interesting device is a twitter booth for those poor souls that still need to get their hands on a smartphone but still want to keep in touch with their friends and famous folk out there in the realm of the social web.

Now, while this is probably not the primary reason for the twitter booth, I’m sure Superman is definitely breathing a sigh of relief. Since the telephone has been thrust into each of our pockets – thanks to the cellular revolution, I’m sure he must have been wondering where he’d be changing from mild mannered Clark Kent into his work clothes. The more observant amongst us probably noticed the shortage, along with our kryptonian friend. The old fashioned telephone booth is, sadly dying a slow death. Video killed the radio star, and mobile phones killed everything else. Superheroes beware.

Besides Superheroes though, the telephone booth has provided a pretty important function extending the reach of the telephone beyond those fortunate enough to own phones, back in the days when just having a landline was a luxury. If you’re reading this blog, don’t worry you probably are too young to remember those days. Back in those days, people wrote phone numbers on pieces of paper and ran around reciting numbers out loud, so they wouldn’t forget them en route to the telephone. The public telephone was part of that heritage. While I think the twitter booth itself may not be a winning idea, I’d love to see more out of the box ideas like this giving legs to the Web 2.0 revolution. Social Media booths of some kind, I expect, will be a reality.

Twitter Booth

Once the real money value of the Social Web is realized, I have no doubt that these Web 2.0 Booths, like this Twitter Booth will boom, taking the social media revolution to those areas where Web 2.0 has not enjoyed the needed infrastructure to flourish. If you look at your cellphone, you’ll realize you already probably use instant messaging and SMS more than you do the actual phone. Expect that trend to extend to pretty much everything you’re used to and there you go, you get a twitter booth or some similar device on every corner.

The social web is definitely here to stay, so whether it’s a twitter booth, Web 2.0 booth, or some future Web 14.0 booth, expect to find it on the side of your roads and on your desk sooner rather than later.

With more innovations like this embracing twitter will no longer be reserved for the tech savvy.

Via: Geekologie