Bacon Cheeseburger Cake is a Pretty Sweet Treat

There is something to be said regarding a cake that looks like a bacon cheeseburger and fries, and that thing is “delicious!”

I love the idea of eating desserts made to imitate other kinds of food, and the brilliant Debbie Goard of debbiedoescakes fame has been a long-time favorite in supplying such delicious cakes. From the bacon, spam, and eggs cakes to a platter of sushi made of – you guessed it! – cake, she’s definitely in the god-tier of dessert-designers.

Burger Cake

The cake surpasses everything I’ve seen in terms of realism. At a glance, it looks like a fast food meal plopped onto a serving tray. The burger looks like a real burger, from the juiciness of the bacon to the sesame seeds on top of the bun airbrushed to look toasted. The cheese looks just like a slice of processed cheese, and the hint of lettuce peeking out is exactly what the lettuce in a cheeseburger should look like – modest and small.

The fries disappoint me a little; unlike the burger, they just don’t feel like they could be real. I think the problem is that they’re cut too squarely, while real thick-cut fries bear the potato’s natural curves. They are colored perfectly though, and I love how the blob of fries has a particular rounded look to it, as if the fries were in a container that was flipped over. It looks like the napkin is also edible, which is a subtle touch that gives the whole piece an added dimension of realism.

My favorite part of the cake has to be the Diet Coke in the corner – primarily, because it’s a Diet Coke, and I’m one of those absurd people who gets diet soda when eating greasy fast food. The can is very unassuming; it simply looks like a regular pop until you realize that the surface is smooth fondant and not shiny aluminum.

The bacon cheeseburger cake is perfect for anyone who has a soft spot for fast food, or for hipster vegetarians who like the irony of eating a faux-burger. However, you may want to avoid this if you don’t eat junk food for health reasons – this cake has way more calories than a typical bacon cheeseburger with fries.