Radio Flyer Truck is Ultimate Convertible

This truck to Radio Flyer wagon conversion is strangely endearing.  Although it may not be as flashy as a hot rod, or as sexy as a homemade kit motorcycle, the Radio Flyer conversion is clearly a labor of love.

For a lot of kids, toy cars are just a part of life.  Some folks, however, don’t want to leave the childhood they belong to.  And why bother? Maybe not every kid remembers the red Radio Flyer wagons, but they should.  Those wagons quickly became an American Icon.  But, for an Alaskan couple the memory of Radio Flyers inspired this drivable version.

Fred Keller and Judy Foster spent over 11 months converting a 1976 Mazda pickup into this drivable wagon.  Talk about a convertible!  The pictures here show the tremendous amount of work that went into removing the body of the original pickup and reworking the frame to accommodate a wooden body.  Who’s to say whether or not this thing is street legal, but hopefully, it’s at least playground legal.

As far as novelty concept cars go, this one is pretty darned impressive.  I’m guessing that this DIY project isn’t one for beginners.  The Radio Flyer conversion seems to have started out as something of a small retirement project that turned into a full scale labor of love.

You can just imagine just about every kid on the block turning his or her head to watch this thing cruise by.  Then again, it might draw some attention from the cops as well, since it doesn’t seem like this wagon could be easily licensed.  For one, where would you put the license plate?  For another, how, exactly does one apply for a license to drive a wagon?   Sure, no kid needs a license for a wagon, but then again, most wagons are pulled, not driven.

Granted, this isn’t the first time someone’s done a cool home conversion.  If you remember, a while back we did a piece on this Batman GoKart concept.  Or, if you’re interested in seeing some other crazy homages, check out this piece we did on some other DIY vehicles.

Via: Ktuu