Skull USB Hub Brings Life to your Study

We have found the perfect item for any classically inspired office or goth lair – the skull USB hub!
The image of a traditional gentleman’s study is one that has been around for centuries. The style I’m talking about is quite distinct: mahogany flooring, a sturdy desk, huge windows, and tall bookshelves with ladders. Decorations are varied, but predictable: a globe and old navigational charts, ship models, framed diplomas and paintings, a handsome snuff-box, and leather armchairs.

This style is nearly impossible to re-create nowadays, simply because, our necessities – laptops, cables, and all sorts of modern gadgets – tend to come in grey plastic, rather than mahogany. But with a key item like the USB hub skull, the classic study can finally make a comeback.

Skull USB Hub

A USB hub is handy for a few reasons; first, a lot of computers simply don’t come with enough USB ports – my brand new laptop has a measly 3. This makes little sense, considering that USB is currently the standard for peripherals, from speakers to printers and external hard drives to mice. The skull hub has 4 USB 2.0 ports, so it’s ideal from a practical standpoint. Considering how functional and attractive it is, it won’t make a big dent in your wallet, costing only $28.98.

Having a hub is also useful if you have a laptop that gets moved around a lot; instead of unplugging and re-plugging all of your peripherals every time you come home, you’d only need to plug in the hub. This device happens to also provide some storage for desktop accessories like pens, which helps with organization if you’re trying to make your study look neat and tidy.

The hub is made of resin, and it’s artistically chipped and painted in a way that feels very realistic. It definitely looks like the sort of thing a gentleman scientist might prop up on his writing desk or keep in a research laboratory. Of course, skulls also go hand in hand with a dark lifestyle, so if you prefer the gothic way of life, the skull USB hub is a great way of adding a touch of morbidity to an otherwise cheerful desk area.

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