Fujitsu’s Social Bear Robot Will Interact With You

One of the creepy things about social robots is that the most sinister of self-aware machinery often comes in the cutest form. These Fujitsu bear cubs, for example, are admittedly cute looking, and they’re billed as a “people-friendly terminal; but just below the surface you can see the gears working. It’s just a matter of time before they decide to give up this inane chatter in order to fulfill their destiny of world domination. I’m pretty sure the next Left 4 Dead game will involve fighting off an army of these.

Speaking of looking below the surface, this ordinarily looking teddy bear is anything but that cute looking nose is actually a camera, and he’ll be happy to wave, laugh, and provide a variety of other social interactions. The bear can do about 300 actions in all, aided by 12 “actuators” across the face, neck, and six in his robotic torso. He’s also got 13 skin touch sensors, hand grip sensors, tilt sensors, a microphone, and so much more! If you’re thinking you want to get your hands on one (before he gets his hands on you) you’ll still have awhile to wait. This little guy is still in early development and won’t be taking over your household just yet.

If you’re looking for other mechanical friends, not to worry, we have you covered here on Walyou. You can perform some circus tricks alongside the improved Seiko Robot, for example.  Sure she may not be as socially inclined, but she can traverse all sorts of cool terrain, so I suppose in the end they probably balance out. Alternatively, you can hang out and poke the little RIC Android robot.  He’s not as acrobatic, but then again being a Google creation counts as inherently cool. Until he goes on a murderous rampage, that is, which could probably happen at any moment.

Via: Engadget