SteriShoe Kills Germs In Your Shoe!

If you have ever noticed how your feet smell when you remove your shoes, you would have noticed how bad the feet smell at that time. This is a common problem faced by almost all human beings no matter where they live. This problem is particularly common for people who live in humid places. So, the thoughtful people made SteriShoe to keep your feet fresh and fine.


You may not know but every human foot comprises of more than 250,000 sweat glands, and sweats up to eight ounces per day. Due to this excessive sweating, your shoes become breeding grounds for a number of bacteria and fungus that can cause horrible odor, athlete’s foot, or toenail fungus. SteriShoe solves all these problems, and keeps your feet away from these problems.

SteriShoe incorporates ultraviolet light for its germicidal application, and kills 99.9% germs within a few minutes. These feet have the power to make your shoes safe for your feet anytime and anywhere. Usually people re-infect their baby even after killing germs from their shoes once by putting their feet in their bad smelling shoes again.

Using SteriShoe is quite easy, but mark that this gadget will only switch on when it is compressed a bit. This shoe works only in the dark, but you need not worry to arrange for a dark room. You get a cool pair of dark bags for using SteriShoe in your sandals or shoes.

You also get spare bulbs along with every pair of the Sterishoe. This device looks cool and is completely safe to be used by your feet over and over again. Using this gadget is a sure shot remedy for your feet, as it helps keeping them fresh even after a day’s long excursion.

Paying $130 to make your feet sweat-free and fungus-free is not much for really hygiene seeking people. So, go for it and grab this amazing SteriShoe to make your feet germ-free, irrespective of the season or shoes you wear.

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Via: Wired