Get Vegas Right in Your Home with the LED Casino Table

A sensuous chrome colored casino table sits on a vacant spot against a black background. The casino table has a delicately curved figure that would make women envy. The table’s curved anatomy is highlighted by an array of lights that runs along its body. With this table, the glamorous glitzy magic of Vegas can be recreated by casino enthusiasts wherever they choose to.

If you are a casino enthusiast with a room to spare, then the chrome colored casino table from Monte Carlo casino productions is the ideal occupant of the vacancy. The table, with its sophisticated design and fine detailing, makes for an awesome family entertainment. Add to that, the table will definitely set the mood for a thrilling casino experience.

Monte Carlo casino productions are widely regarded in gaming circles as makers of highly aesthetic and exciting casino tables. Their casino tables reflect a fine sense of passion and dedication towards their designs. Monte Carlo has certainly lived up to its reputation with their recent offering.

The chrome colored casino table has been designed to reflect the larger than life feel of the grand casinos at Vegas. It has a striking brushed chrome finish that glimmers like gold under the lights. The interior of the game table is made in grade A quality material, and the markings on the board reflect fine finishing. Even the chips of the game table are designed in such a way that would make you feel like you’re actually in Vegas.

One particular feature that sets the new casino table from Monte Carlo casino productions apart from its competition, is its opulent, yet subtle, LED lighting. The casino table has an intricate line of lights running across its curved body that seduces the eye of the viewer. These lights add grandeur to the table, and play a big part in recreating the game town atmosphere. The lights can switch between seven different shades for your various moods.

The various features of the casino table can be controlled by a single, wireless remote control. A 12V battery powers the entire casino table, including the LED lights. This means, there are no messy wires lying around. Though it has a delicate and sophisticated finish, the body is made from durable stainless steel.

The LED casino table by Monte Carlo casino productions is a fun thing to have in your spare gaming room.

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