Lego Green Lantern Power Battery for Lego Fans

A great fan of Geoff John’s Green Lantern recently came up with an innovative concept of Lego Green Lantern Power Battery.

Lego Green Lantern Power Battery

This was not just one concept from JustJon; he also created Lego TARDIA Panel. Both these creations were his innovative ideas for the upcoming BrickFair. He was actually looking out to create something really interesting and similar to the famous Green Lantern, when he devised Lego Green Lantern Power Battery.

Preparing the electronics was the initial stage of this project in which he knew the obvious choices were to use an Arduino with an RFID reader in front of the lantern. After a series of hard work and planning with a ruined RFID reader, he succeeded in reading an RFID chip with the hardware. This chip was then implanted within a Green Lantern ring that was thrown away by comic book stores.

Lego Green Lantern Power Battery Light

Once he prepared the Arduino, he then thought of building the Lantern itself. For this, he wanted to build the Lego sphere that will turn out to be the main body of the power battery. He left some holes on the sides of the lantern for extrusions. Then, a hole was also left on the top for allowing the top part of the lantern to open to access the electronics.

Finally, the time came for the maker to insert the Arduino in the body of the lantern. After this, RFID and LED lights were added from the front side of the lantern. It was kept in mind that the power cable will run through the back and the rear of the device, so for this, a hole was left for the cable.

It was now time for the maker to build the power battery, and for this, he tried to do in two places. The first one was in the handle and the other one was in an added Green Lantern symbol on the front of the Lantern that will glow in and out when the lights are on. Finally, the maker combined the plastic bricks and technology to make this Lego Green Lantern Power Battery.

Lego Green Lantern Power Battery back

There is actually a lot more that can be talked about this worth watching innovation called Lego Green Lantern Power Battery that will be shown at the upcoming BrickFair, along with the Lego TARDIA Panel.

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