Interactive John Lennon Google Doodle Surfaced for his 70th Birthday Anniversary

John Lennon is one of the most popular musicians that has ever surfaced, and while he may have been gone for quite some time, the world will never forget him, nor will Google.

Since he was born on October 9th, 1940, tomorrow marks the 70th Anniversary since his birth, and while Worldwide fans have already been getting together and planning events for such an occasion, Google has also made their mark with their newest Google Doodle.

The brand new John Lennon Google Doodle is seen as their logo when doing a regular search and is interactive for those wishing so. The John Lennon doodle includes a play button (or simply click it) which will then play a short snippet of the song “Imagine” along with various animation as the background. Of course it ends with the famous John Lennon ‘Imagine face’ that is embeded within the new Google doodle.

It is certain that John Lennon fans would appreciate seeing the late Beatles musician getting some major webtime in order to show his importance even after all these years.

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john lennon imagine google doodle