The SEIL Bag Provides a Safer Riding Experience

Cycling is a great form of exercise that helps you tone your body and de-stress as well. A bicycle is also the best means of transport to get you from point A to point B in crowded cities. It allows you to cut through bumper-to-bumper traffic, plus you could get on the pavement and zip through the crowd.

An issue that most cyclists face is that of safety. While riding a bicycle, a bigger vehicle may knock you down for no fault of yours. Imagine you were riding a bike on a city street, and signaling the vehicle behind you that you were turning right. You made the turn thinking you had flashed the appropriate sign, but the vehicle would still ram your bicycle from behind.

In order to make cycling on the streets an accident-free experience for riders, designer Lee Myung Su has designed an innovative concept that promises a safer riding experience. The concept is called ‘SEIL Bag’, and is actually a backpack concept that cyclists can wear while going for a ride. The SEIL Bag looks and feels like a lightweight backpack, but underneath its familiar exterior lies an inventive design.

Lee Myung Su’s backpack concept for cyclists is basically an LED display unit that will flash various signals including left and right turn signals, brake signal, cruise signal, and emergency signal. The signals will be displayed in a brightly lit fashion, similar to vehicular signals. With bright signals flashing from the backpack of cyclists, motorists should get sufficient warning and avoid crashing into riders.

With the SEIL Bag, bicycle riders no longer need to use their hands to signal a turn or brake. SEIL has two components: a backpack with LED lights and a wireless controller. The wireless controller would be attached to the handle of the cycle.

If a cyclist needs to signal a left or right turn, they just have to flick the lever on the wireless controller. The backpack will signal that the rider is making a turn. If the bicycle is decelerating and coming to a halt, the acceleration sensor on the controller will sense it, and send a message to the backpack, which in turn will signal the stop sign. How smart is that?

The SEIL bag has a cool quotient as well. Apart from warning signs, it can also display emoticons such as a smiley face and a thanks sign.  Lee Myung Su’s concept for a safer riding experience won the Red Dot design award this year.

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Via: Yanko Design