Floating Lighted Globe Defies Gravity!

You can have a glimpse of the whole world using a globe in a virtual way. Since ages, globes have evolved in different forms and designs, but the new Floating Lighted Globe is truly an innovation. This different kind of globe, as the name suggests has been designed to float in air.

Floating Lighted Globe

Floating Lighted Globe is one of the smartest ways of observing earth in space without the need to fly to the moon. The globe incorporates an electromagnetic field that levitates it so that it literally floats in air resembling the earth that floats in the outer space. This globe measures 4” in diameter and is large enough to observe the earth clearly.

It is a must have piece for home or office with its museum quality and stylish crafting. This globe uses minimal power to generate real levitation, amazement, and inspiring wonder. Another interesting thing about this globe is that in low light, its LED lights shine up to create a beautiful translucent blue glow. The globe looks really cool in this blue light effect.

The base of Floating Lighted Globe is based on electromagnetic power to consume minimal power. This amazing globe easily suspends in mid-air beautifully making everyone notice it with admiration. The cool globe measures 7.5 inches in length and width, 5.0 inches in height and weighs just 2.85 lbs.

Those who have already bought it are so happy to use it in their day to day life. Many believe that this is a perfect showpiece for their home and has called for many appraises from their friends and loved ones. Some believe that with this product, Sharper Image continues its tradition to bring out innovative and exciting products meeting high quality standards.

The globe can be used safely indoors and outdoors. It can be easily carried to picnics to teach kids. With this interesting globe, Sharper Image brings a twist in the traditional globes. The fantastic luminescent glow with its LED lights makes it truly worth watching.

This globe forms a perfect gift for anyone who likes exploring the earth. It is a great educational gift for kids, as it will help them in learning more about geography. This amazing globe is priced at just $99.99icon, which is worth it for its exceptional look and features.

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