Tokyoflash Tron-Inspired Watch Design

There seems to be a lot of hubbub regarding the new TRON reboot. We’ve seen some other TRON stuff featured here on Walyou, too, but this TRON LED watch design is admittedly in a league all its own. If you happen to be a nerd who likes the original (and horribly bad effects) of the original movie, it seems likely that you’ll be a fan of this design, too.

The concept drawings look almost blinding. I mean can you imagine someone asking you for the time and when you go to show them, you burn their retinas out? Ok, maybe it isn’t quite that powerful, but it still sports an electroluminescence (spelling? That’s how it is written on the site, sue me) strip around the entire watch.

Also, it wouldn’t be a good old fashioned Tokyoflash design if it wasn’t immediately apparent as to how you actually tell what time it is. The two rings are styled like those of the energy discs you’ll see used frequently in the old (and new) movie. The break in the ring is the time in a normal clock face. Or so I’m told, anyway. The outside ring is used to tell the minutes, while hours are by the inside ring. If you don’t go blind trying to figure it out first, that is. Apparently, other visitors to the site think it is a worthy design, too. The watch garnered a score of 4.1 outta 5. Not too shabby considering how harsh anonymous Internet critics can be on these sorts of things.

If you’re looking for other snazzy watch designs from Tokyoflash, I can point you to the Cobra LED Watch design (No relation to GI Joe’s supervillains). Alternatively, you can check out the Tokyoflash Traffic Watch, which was recently featured in a Walyou giveaway.

Via: Tokyoflash