Iron Man Themed Crocodile

We all love superheroes but not everyone loves crocodiles. The combination can be a bit bizarre for most of us but Laura doesn’t think so. She loves her pet dwarf caiman, or you can call it a tiny crocodile.

She loves her crocodile so much that she created a tiny Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man 2 armor for her little friend. Of course, some of the credit goes to her boyfriend Anthony as well who helped her out in the process.

What I particularly like about the idea is that the armor doesn’t even make the croc feel uncomfortable. If you watch the video you’ll see that this tiny little creature is actually enjoying it. Although, it is just a top-over armor, it sure makes him look like one super-croc-hero! Lucky animal, wish we had someone who could make such an armor for us as well.

Now, the armor basically is pretty neat. Laura simply puts her croc on the bed and tops it with the armor and there you go. You have one hell of a croc-hero right there on your bed. But don’t make any mistakes, it won’t save your day. Well, it might destroy your day, but Laura doesn’t think that way. She loves her pet and she thinks it has every right in the world to look and enjoy the fantasies. At least, that’s what we have made out after seeing what she did for her tiny friend.

Okay now here’s it, a crocodile with Iron Man 2 armor and that also on Laura’s bed? That’s one weird thing we have seen this year. Leave the armor part for once and think about the sheets. The croc can tear them apart Laura! I mean, dressing up a crocodile like a superhero won’t make him any humane, would it? We all know by now that you love your dearest croc but at the end of the day, it is one predator no matter what. You can’t expect it to be good to your sheets, can you?

All hail Laura for the affection you have for your croc. May the croc love you back the same way!

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Via: Urlesque