Spotlight on Windows Phone 7

It was a big day for the mobile branch of Microsoft and its no. 1 fanboy, CEO Steve Ballmer. Windows Phone 7 launched, ending at least six months of expectancy and rumored launch dates. With it comes a dozen devices, all tied to carriers, and the best part? We have a diverse set of solid brands to choose from.

Here at Walyou, we sifted through some of the gimmicky WP7 models and selected the top phone that best represents each carrier.

T-Mobile: HTC HD7

It wasn’t easy choosing the best WP7 in T-Mobile’s lineup, there were 3 excellent phones (Dell Venue, HTC 7 Mozart). But we bit the bullet and picked the HD7 because it’s simply a workhorse that can compete the best with Apple’s iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S line. It packs a beautiful 4.3 inch screen, 16 gbs of storage, and a kickstand. Is the HD7 just like the HD2? Absolutely. It’s irrelevant, because it’s outstanding.

AT&T: Samsung Focus

Unfortunately for AT&T customers eager for some WP 7 action, Ralph de la Vega didn’t walk the walk after talking the talk. AT&T was supposed to be the exclusive, premier carrier of Windows’ newest software, but apparently, the company didn’t stock the best models. However, the Samsung Focus emerges as AT&T’s frontrunner, and it includes an incredibly thin design and a stunning amoled 4 inch screen. In Europe, it will be known as the Omnia 7 (Verizon users will recognize Omnia and think, “don’t do it!”

Sprint: HTC 7 Pro

This was a no brainer– it’s the only WP7 device currently being offered by the CDMA carrier. Yet, it’s my favorite Windows Phone, from a specs perspective and from a purely aesthetic view. It launches in early 2011 with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, 576MB of ROM and 16GB of internal storage. It also has a “more powerful” battery and a keyboard.

Honorable Mention (no carrier): LG Optimus 7

This phone was so widely rumored, everyone just assumed it would launch on GSM networks; or at least AT&T. Either the Optimus will be available on most networks worldwide, or LG just hasn’t been announced yet. It’s a 3.8-inch candybar with 16GB of internal storage, and has a 5MP camera.

via Gizmodo, Techcrunch