Exploring the HTC G2 (T-Mobile)

Two long years following the release of the original Android device, the G1, HTC has unleashed its successor—the G2.

Only this time, HTC isn’t the only Android player in the market. Since the release of the G1, we’ve seen Motorola’s Droid line, a whole host of Samsung Galaxy S phones, and Google’s Nexus One (just to name a few.) The competition has gone from invisible to fierce in those two years.

With all the Android options consumers can buy, only a few are top devices. Does the G2 match up?

It certainly lives up to its own hype. At first glance, the G2 has an impressive, almost business-like design, with a 3.7 inch (480 x 800 resolution) LCD touch screen as the centerpiece.

Of course, the real centerpiece that makes the G2 unique in a sea of Droids is the keyboard. A lot of fuss has been made about the slider hinge not functioning properly, and that’s true if the phone is held upside down or a certain way. Is it a dealbreaker? Probably not, but it is a reasonably unfortunate issue.

Especially since the keyboard is outstanding. It has a perfect amount of clickability, space between the keys, and even a few customizable-favorites keys.

Besides having a premium design and excellent keyboard, the G2 also has a fast, smooth performance. Under the hood lies an 800 mhz processor, relatively low compared to some of its competitors that pack the 1ghz beasts we’ve come to know and love. Nevertheless, HTC didn’t skimp on the G2’s power. The 800 mhz processor is plenty fast, and you don’t have to take my word for it.

Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky said in his G2 review, “Don’t let the 800MHz number fool you, the G2 is as fast or faster than most top-end Android phones we’ve used.”

To top off the G2’s speediness, it’s the first phone to ship on T-Mobile that’s capable of utilizing the carrier’s HSPA+ network, which according to Cnet, “delivers impressive speeds.”

Other notable specs for HTC’s G2 include a 5MP camera, an HD video camera, Android 2.2, 4GB of rom, 512MB of ram, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Possibly my favorite aspect of the device is that it ships with stock Android. No Motoblur, or Sense UI, or any other sugarcoating typically used by manufacturers. It also doesn’t carry any of the garbage that carriers (looking at you, Verizon) have been plaguing Android phones with lately.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, top Android device that offers the features of the Droid line or the Nexus One on T-Mobile, the G2 should have exactly what you’re looking for.

You can order and learn more about HTC’s G2 here and watch a short video right below.

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