22 Geeky Remote Controls

We all have a controlling streak within us. From controlling kids to controlling one’s team members, we love each and every moment of staying in power.

However, when it comes to controlling TV remote controls, the controlling freak within even the most timid rises to the surface. Several families have been broken and many siblings have created indifferences in the past because of this super gadget called Remote Control. Unbelievable? Next time, try and snatch the TV remote from your sister or mother while they are deeply lost in watching their favorite TV program. (Statutory warning – Try at your own risk; please don’t blame us for the consequences.)

If you are one of these freaky control monsters who want to control everything that goes around them, especially the TV set, then choose one of the geekiest remote controls that are listed below. I bet, even the most timid person will produce a controlling streak just by looking at these geeky remote controls. Let the controlling monster within you get the better of you with these crazy and weird, yet innovative and attractive remote controls.

World’s Largest Remote

If you are looking for some extra aerobic activity while watching TV, here is the world’s largest remote control for you. This remote control spreads out in front of you like a carpet and allows you to change the functions using your feet.

World’s Largest Universal Remote (Jumbo Geek Gadget)

Are you often accused of misplacing your TV remote at home leaving everyone searching for it? Then the World’s Largest Universal remote, “The Jumbo Universal Remote,” is the solution. It can control your TV, VCR, DVD and satellite box; looking at its size, I bet it can never be misplaced.

Soccer Ball Universal Remote

Soccer is a favorite game of many people around the world.  But just imagine how fun it would be to change your TV channels with the same soccer ball that you play with? Sounds weird but exciting, right? Well, here is a universal remote control shaped like a Soccer Ball, which can change the channels and be kicked around the room.

Infinity Remote Control

For those who are into futuristic fantasies and toys, the infinity remote control is just for them. This futuristic universal remote control created by Damien Crossan, is motion sensitive and has a touch interface which resembles that of a touchscreen phone or iPad.

The Touchless Universal Remote

Now you can control your TV and other remote operated appliances without touching them with the no-touch concept. This unique touchless remote is designed by Joris Van Gelder and it allows you to control different appliances by the movement of your hand.

“Cyclops” The Universal Remote of the Future


The idea of creating “Cyclops”, the universal remote control, was to take a TV remote and a standard keyboard, and smash them together to form a device that would fit perfectly between the two hands.

Navigator Wireless Media Remote

Glide TV has come up with a navigator wireless media remote for those geeks who love hi-tech toys. This cute remote with an innovative look is easy to use, light in weight, and also makes a cool hi-tech toy for your living room. It works with PC, Mac, or even PS3.

Remote Is Fragile

Designer Yuta Watanabe has designed Ceramic Remote Control, which of course is extremely fragile! If you are into a habit of throwing around your remote control, then think twice before buying this one.

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Nano’s Eizo (Cat One) Wireless TV Remote Control Mouse

You guessed it right, as the name “Nano’s Eizo [email protected] wireless TV remote control Mouse” suggests, this TV remote is in the shape of a mouse, which can be connected to a PC  and can be used as a standard optical mouse.

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Pultius TV Remote

Imagine having a separate button on your remote for every channel. Hard to believe, right? But here is “Pultius TV remote” with a button for every channel. This remote has up to 100 numbers, which can then be used in combinations for higher channel numbers (up to 399). The remote is colorful, attractive, and almost half a meter tall, which makes it extremely hard to misplace.

The Wand Remote

Are you a fan of Harry Potter movies and wish to have a wand like his which you can do magic for you? If yes, then here is The Wand Remote Control which will not do the magic, but will change your TV channels and control functions as you swing it. This Wand Remote control works on predefined gestures.

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Motion Sensitive Remote

Does this remind you of a vacuum nozzle? Well, don’t be confused, this futuristic looking device is a Motion Sensitive Remote control. By moving it up, down, right, or left, you can adjust the volume and change the channels effortlessly.

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Interactive Pad Concept

This innovative and cool designed Interactive Pad Concept was created by Marcial Ahsayane to control multimedia players and internet access systems around you. The remote is very much universal, which means that it can be used to control anything and everything that has a provision of being remotely controlled.

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The Apple Remote: I am Green with Envy

Do you often have fights at home over remote controls? Do you wish you could have one remote for each family member? Here is the Apple Remote, which is designed by Jason Roebuck and comes in different colors.  As the name suggests, the remote is shaped like an apple. The best part is that each family member can have their own apple remote, which can be differentiated by different colors.

TV Remote with A Speaker

Now you can use your remote control to listen to your TV audio loud and clear. Asahi Electric Corp has come up with an unconventional remote control which has built-in speakers.

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Weird Gel Remote

Weird Gel Remote from Panasonic is one of the creepiest remote controls ever. This gel remote remain limp and uneven when not in use, but as soon as its sensors detect a human hand coming towards it, the remote stiffens itself.

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Beo 5 Remote Control

Bang & Olufsen’s crazy Beo 5 Remote Control is unique and doesn’t look like the most ergonomical remote ever made. Beo 5 remote control is strangely designed for home theatre equipment, but basically, anything in your home that requires to be remotely controlled, can be controlled by this remote.

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Clicker Universal Remote with Bottle Opener

While sitting and watching TV, don’t you often long to sip on your favorite cold drinks?  Now simply get the bottle of your chilled drink out of your fridge, and instead of loitering around for a bottle opener, use your clicker remote control to open the cap. Of course, needless to say, you can use the remote to surf your channels.

Control A Kid Remote

Do you ever wish to control your child’s annoying moods or habits? Here is a funny “control a kid” remote control designed by some freaky geek, who secretly wishes to control his kids like gaming characters of a video game. However, kids reading this needn’t fear for this control a kid remote is still a concept.

TiVo Slide Remote

TiVo Slide Remote control is the latest slide-out remote control having a QWERTY keyboard. TiVo slide remote is easy to use and the QWERTY keyboard will let you find all your entertainment quickly and easily.

Wired Interfaces “Gangsta Gadget”

Are you a fan of gangster movies and like all the high-paced action with guns and cannons? If yes, then here is “Gangsta Gadget” gun remote control just for you.  Don’t be scared, the remote control is not harmful and is extremely fun to use.  For instance, pulling the trigger switches off your TV. Cool, isn’t it?

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The First Remote Control

Designed by Dumont, this is The First Remote Control that was made for a TV. This weird looking remote can easily be mistaken for a telephone.  The vintage remote control was linked to the TV using a cable.

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