BioShock Case Mod – Believe it or not, It’s for Real!

I always knew that the world we live in is filled with strange things. I also always knew that there are creative people all around us. But, what I never knew was that you can actually have a BioShock Case Mod! What I mean by BioShock Case Mod is a PC that is in mineral oil. Yup, that is true and here are the pictures of it.

Can you believe it? This guy is no technician nor is he a computer engineer. One bright day he got the idea of creating a mineral oil PC and voila! He made one!

Here is how he did it…

Let’s start with the background…sirleechalot built a media center computer some time back which he didn’t like for some reasons. The first reason was that he didn’t think the casing was cool and the second major reason of his not liking the media center was the fan noise. His media center has an Atom/lon combo. What he did was he mounted the power supply and the motherboard to an acrylic sheet behind the back of the case. He took a 5 gallon Marineland tank and purchased mineral water that is used as a horse laxative from The reason why he purchased it from was that vets were charging a bit too much for the oil.

That was not all, he also bought a Big Daddy figure from Amazon to place it in the aquarium (his new mineral water PC tank). Next, he bought a tank, gravel and pump. He already had an old cable from his old computer which had a jumper connector on it. He soldered one end of this cable to a temporary switch which you can find at radio shack. And, that’s it, his new mineral oil pc was ready as you can see in the pictures!

Isn’t it cool? It for sure is! I haven’t seen such creativity in the past before. For sure people invent new things but this thing is truly marvelous. I would love to have one such pc as well. I hope I can build it myself!

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Via: Kotaku