Steampunk Iron Man Suit

This year has been a pretty decent year for conventions of all sorts, and one of the most recent ones that took place was the New York Comic Con. During this conference, Marvel hosted a costume contest, which focused on their characters, and the winner was Matt Silva, who came up with a modified version of the Iron Man suit, designed to look like it was from the turn of the 20th Century.


There aren’t that many pictures, evidently, but just from this image, one can make out a few of the details. Colour-wise, it’s got a nice work look, with the black oil and the dented parts of the armor.

steampunk iron man comic con 2010 7

The details of the costume look pretty cool, especially because if you consider the timeline, it would fit historically prior to the current Iron Man. The costume looks like it’s made from some thin metal, painted in some kind of semi-lustrous paint, and features a couple of really cool effects.

steampunk iron man comic con 2010 6

The helmet, for example, reveals the back of the neck, and it’s not obvious, but it looks like the face piece doesn’t actually flip up. The back of the neck almost looks like the kind of neck that the T-3000 had (the T-3000 in Ironman armour would be pretty scary).

steampunk iron man comic con 2010 5

The main body is metallic with the armour overlay as a kind of separate layer of armour, which has the chestplate, the arm plates, and the leggings somewhat detached from each other. The Arc-Reactor is circular, again going back to historical consistency, where it would be a circular arc before it becomes the triangular one, and it has the laser lenses in the hands where Iron Man is supposed to fire from. Oddly enough, there are also a couple of gear bits attached to the back of the suit, which puzzled me, but I guess for a steampunk design, it works.

steampunk iron man comic con 2010 4

The design over all looks pretty decent, though I wouldn’t advise anyone to wear it, since it seems almost impossible to wear without injuring yourself in some way.

steampunk iron man comic con 2010 3

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steampunk iron man comic con 2010 2

Via Agent M and Marvel

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