Trekbot Is A Lovely Desk Pet!

Desk Pets is always in the news for its innovative robots, and if in August it was in news for its cool bug styled Skitterbot, which skittered around the house and was available in several colors, this time in October, Desk Pets is back in news for its Trekbot.


Much similar to Skitterbot, Trekbot from the house of Desk Pets is a new RC robot toy. It charges and operates in a way that is very similar to that of Skitterbot. To talk more about Trekbot, let us tell you that the maker himself describes it as a hubless wheeled micro robotic racer that looks like a battle vehicle that might be used in the Clone Wars. Trekbot from Desk Pets can be charged by the USB port on your computer through a five function remote control. There is a short wire that offers an easy connection of this robot for charging.

This new robot is capable of performing flips, headstands, and other interesting tricks even when it is driving. Trekbot works on four different frequencies for multiple bots that can be run even at a single time. The robot looks cute when it flashes its eyes while sitting.

The angled wheel design of this Trekbot is easy for racers to make it flip and spin with just a touch of a button. This amazing robot offers hours of inexpensive playtime without the requirement of expensive batteries. It also provides a superior RC gaming experience with an easy to use and cost friendly charging solution.

A closer look at the Trekbot gives you ample scope of watching its inner mechanism. This is a perfect option for gifting to a loved one on a special occasion. Available in just a few dollars, it is one of the smartest and usable gift for near and dear ones, especially gadget freaks.

Just 30 minutes are required to charge this robot fully and then the robot can perform for full 15 minutes. Trekbot will be up for sale at Toys R Us and RadioShack Stores at a reasonable price of $19.99. This cute looking adorable robot comes in black, gold, white, and clear color options.

So, now if you get bored by sitting in front of your System, you can play with your desk pet Trekbot. If you like RC Gadgets, you would also be interested in Wooden Quadrocopter and 21 Awesome Remote Controlled Toys.

Via: Mydeskpets