The Computer Display Telescope

The universe is an exemplary creation of god and is admired by everyone. It usually takes a lot of equipment to be able to get a nice and clear view of the universe. But here is a product that will help you get a clear view right at your desktop.

The product made available by Hammacher named the computer display telescope id a desktop digital telescope that shows a magnificent view of the universe, stars, and planets on your computer monitor. Usually what happens with a telescope is that it can be viewed only by one person at a time, but with this product at your disposal, a bunch of people can observe the stars and the planets at one time, together.

How does this work?

A digital camera is placed on top of the display telescope that helps you get the view of the universe, by connecting the display telescope to the computer via a USB cable cord. This is not all, apart from viewing the images or video of the universe, stars, and planets and other objects you can also save them on your desktop to use in an assignment or for collection purposes.

The display telescope has a 400mm focal length with four eyepieces namely 15X, 20X, 25X, 30X. The telescope does not have to be attached to the computer (unless a group of people want to observe at the same time), which means that it can also be used as a normal telescope for viewing of one person by just detaching the USB cord from the computer. The camera eyepiece on the display telescope also works a web cam on the computer which provides a 640×840 pixels resolution. Now, you don’t get a product with such great features very often. This multipurpose display telescope comes for a price of $129.95.

The features that this computer display telescope comes with is a great investment for the price. So go ahead and get this product if you are into astronomy or would like to see what our universe is like sitting at home, or if not that, then can use it as a web cam for chatting whenever you want!

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