17 Transformers Costume Ideas for Halloween

Since its first appearance in 1984, Transformers has developed beyond just a popular movie sequel or a Hasbro toy line to a culture that draws millions of devotees of all age. There is no better chance than Halloween for those Transformers die-hard fans to transform themselves into their favorite alien robots and take over the costume world.

As Halloween is just around the corner, we did our best to select 17 most impressive Transformers costumes which hopefully will be sort of inspiration for your Halloween costume this year. For more Halloween fun, take a look at the ultimate collection of 200 Pumpkin Carvings put together just for Geeks.

8-foot Bumblebee Costume

At 8 feet, this is probably the tallest Transformers costume humans can expect to walk in safely. Costing $1,600, it was built by attorney Greg Adler to win the $7,500 prize in a contest in Las Vegas last Halloween. Adler constructed a wooden skeleton over a hiking backpack frame to support the torso, and used mailing and carpet tubes on wooden frames for the arms. The cinematic Transformer’s blue eyes was created by the gems from novelty rings and lights wired to a battery pack inside clear spherical Christmas ornaments. Bumblebee’s cannon can also spin and light up.

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Bumblebee Costume 2

With perfectly cut details, sharp edges and authentic accessories, this amazing Transformer costume for bumblebee is very likely to triumph any Transformer costume for humans. Made out of Hobby foam, board, some duct tape, and a lot of hot glue, this beautiful Bumblebee Transformers Costume was created by Lionel Lum for 2008 San Diego Comic Con.

Bumblebee and Optimus Prime Costume

This elaborate Optimus Prime and Bumblebee costumes were so astonishingly detailed, heads turned wherever they walked through the Kawaii-Kon convention hall. Created complete with flashing lights and fully-articulated fingers, these Transformers costumes were made with “every kind of foam you can think of”.

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Bumblebee Costume 4

With Decepticons loot on his shoulder, Bumblebee looks kind of joyful in this costume.

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Bumblebee Transformers Costume 5

Finally someone created a cool Bumblebee costume that can actually transform. The video below shows the true transformation happening at a Chevrolet car dealership, where the “mascot” is dressed as Bumblebee and transforms his/herself into the Chevy Camaro model we are familiar with from the movies.

Transformable Homemade Transformers Costume 1

If you are still dazzled, unable to understand how the Bumblebee in the video above did the transformation so fast, these photos will break down the process for you. This costume was built by the Marks Projects which built a series of costumes that can transform from robots to cars/jets while you wear them.

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Transformable Homemade Transformers Costume 2

This is another transformable masterpiece from Marks Projects. Even though it doesn’t have logo of Decepticons or Autobots on it, it still makes an awesome Halloween costume for Transformers fans.

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Mirage and Blaster Costumes

Lauren Baker proved to be a true Transformers fan when she created two glamorous costumes based on two Autobots of the legendary toy line and movie series: Mirage and Blaster.

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Optimus Prime Costume 1

Someone put on his Transformers costume and according to the one who took this photo, “it was hard to get a shot of this guy alone”. He must have attracted a lot of attention. Who could take the eyes off this beautiful Optimus Prime costume?

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Optimus Prime Costume 2

A kid looks rather scared when taking picture with his all time favorite transformable robot Optimus Prime in a cafe called Gelatissimo.

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Decepticons and Autobots Costumes

Taking a side in the never-ending war between the evil Decepticons and the good Autobots for the All Spark Cube has never been harder when both of their costumes are so awesome! However, the fact that they are made of cardboard makes it a little bit impractical for actual outdoor use. Will the alien robots wear raincoat when it rains?

Megatron and Bumblebee Costume

Those who grew up watching the original Transformers will quickly recognize the two costumes above. The yellow one is obviously Bumblebee of Autobots, and the white one is supposed to be Megatron – the leader of Decepticons.

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Starscream Costume

According to the creator – user Jacemoore from Deviantart, this Starscream costume is made of craft foam, cardboard, foam core board and uphostery foam covered in spandex fabric with lots and lots of hot glue holding it together.

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DIY Transformers Costume

It’s doubtful that those costumes can transform into some kinds of fancy vehicles, it’s certain that they can transform you into an impressive looking alien robot this Halloween. Plus, they are DIY projects which means it’s simple enough for you to make one for yourself.

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Homemade Optimus Prime Costume

This homemade Optimus Prime costume has made Justin (the wearer) a hit at a costume party. You can totally make one for yourself and become a hit too.

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Red Transformers Costume

It might be hard to identify which Transformers character it is, but we still know for sure that it’s a Transformers one. It was spotted at BotCon 2010 Transformers convention.

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