A Unique Portable Keyboard for Your Mobile Devices

Bluetooth as an applied science has become an essence in the world of technology and engineering. It’s not elusive anymore and has found its niche in the ever-developing world of engineering science.  Day in and day out, innovators across the world are coming up with ideas to incorporate the usage of this technology in various areas. One such recent upcoming application is the folding keyboard – known as Jorno – created by Cervantes Mobile to aid users to transform their mobile device into a portable laptop.

The intricacy of the keyboard – the aspect of being foldable – allows the user to juggle and adapt his mobile device conveniently. The keyboard, has been designed to lock itself into a rigid surface when unfolded, thus enabling the user to work and operate either by keeping it on his lap or on any other surface.

And since it is Bluetooth enabled, there is no entanglement of wires to connect to the keyboard. The flexible – attachable and detachable – cradle that is available with the keyboard ensures that the user’s device is held properly in any adjustable angle and in a setup most convenient to the user. Jorno also comes along with a kickstand, which is beneficial in cases when a tablet or a mobile device is detached from the keyboard.

As regards the keys in the keyboard, they are by no means minuscule. The foldable aspect of the keyboard does invoke some doubts regarding the compromise in the qualitative vista, but the instauration of Cervantes Mobile does not leave any dubiety pertaining to the keyboard’s standards. The keyboard keys are merely 15% smaller than that of a standard keyboard and thereby afford considerable ease and accuracy while typing, blogging, emailing, and note taking, especially when the point of available space to the user needs to be taken into account.

For all its functionality, Jorno is comparatively lighter to carry around weighing at only 8.8 ounces and fitting inside a user’s pocket without any difficulty. Measuring at 8.5 inches length x 3.5 inches breadth x 0.3 inches height when unfolded, Jorno comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that is supposed to give output up to one month of wireless productivity per charge.  A mini USB charge cable is also an add-on included along with the keyboard.

Compatibility wise, Jorno is compatible with a wide array of mobile devices which are enabled with Bluetooth HID software. Some of the devices are Apple iPods – which run on iOS 4 or greater; iPads – which run on iOS 3.2 or greater; iPhones 3G or 4 – which run on iOS 4 or greater; tablet devices like Dell Streak; Nokia N97; HTC Advantage; MAC Desktops and Laptops – which run on OS X 10.8 or greater; any Windows Desktop or Laptop – running on XP SP2 or greater; RIMs and many other mobile devices.

It, however, has to be noted that since Jorno has not yet reached the market – it will be available only in early 2011, the final pinpointing of compatible mobile devices will be made available only prior to the official product launch. Till then, the aforementioned devices can be regarded as being adaptable with respect to the keyboard.

Jorno is priced at US$99 and initially will be available only to residents in the US and Canada. As a special offer, however, Cervantes is offering a special pre-order price of US$79 starting from the 24th of December 2010.

As acquisitions go, owning a Jorno sounds lucrative especially considering the fringe benefits that the product offers. In a world where speed is the need of the hour, and mobility is calculated by the bits and the bytes transferred, this Bluetooth enabled keyboard offers a nonchalant, yet excogitating solution to space restriction and mobility. Globalization at its very best – reaching out to the world through one’s pocket.

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