Hyundai IT’s New 70″ monitor

Have you ever wondered or wanted your computer screen to turn into a giant screen just so you could enjoy the movie you’re watching like you do in a theater or just for general use of your computer? Well, here is a product that will blow your minds off and make you think that everything is possible! Hyundai IT has come up with this new 70” table monitor. Yes, you read it right, it’s a life size computer that will enable you to enjoy your computer for whatever purpose you do- for movies, images, videos, or games.

The first thought that comes to your mind when you look at this giant sized computer monitor is that its appearance is very similar to that of the iphone, right? If you have thought that way, then you have recognized the product right. Although not much information is available on this product at the moment, it is said that the features of this 70” monitor are very similar to the latest touch screens and has a multipurpose use.

You can use this monitor in a horizontal or vertical position, according to your needs, just move the screen in the direction which is more comfortable for your viewing and it will display the output accordingly.

If you like having friends over, then this product is the right product to invest in. Imagine the life size screen in your living room, screening your favorite movie to all the people who have gathered, would it just make your evening a memorable one? That is not all; your friends will certainly be impressed by your advancing and keeping up with the latest technology available in the market.

So, think about the compliments that you will receive from people  who will certainly remember the evening they spent at your place watching your 70” monitor, and invest in this product by Hyundai IT

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