Chumby Turns into a Walking Bot!

We all loved Chumby, didn’t we? Of course, we all did. It was a small Wi-FI device that could stream a list of your favorite web applications to locations where you are unable to take your netbook, laptop, or smartphone. That made Chumby one cool gadget for everyone to keep.

Now, here’s what is new – this picture shows you how you can add a few servos, a robot sensor board and walking software on your Chumby to make it the best robot out there. Imagine you have a robot that can go with you to places where your laptop or smartphone can’t. Moreover, it will do all that on its own power. Isn’t that cool? This is what we call the new age of technology where things just keep getting better on a daily basis.

For those who don’t know what Chumby is capable of…

Chumby was initially an alarm clock and a device for streaming applications, but now more has been added to it. It was meant to provide users a way of accessing all their favorite applications such as the Pandora, New York Times headlines, twitter, Facebook, etc. It was there to give you the power to hold the current events with you in just $120. It also comes with a number of features that are fun and amusing to use such as the Wi-Fi, touchscreen, and accelerometer. The best part for developers is that Chumby can easily be hacked and upgraded. This is the reason why you are seeing this video. If it weren’t that easy to hack Chumby, this video wouldn’t have been there.

Right now, with the walking software installed, Chumby looks like Doctor Frankenstein’s Monster, doesn’t it? The way it is walking right is for sure scary not only for your pets but even for your older folks. But, at the same time, it is pretty funny and exciting to see such a device being converted into a robot. Whoever took the initiative of doing so, did a great job there! Lovely work, keep it up!

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Via: Popsci