3D Video Camcorder

With the recent evolution of 3D, haven’t you thought to yourself how cool it would be if you could record videos or take images in 3D effect, without having to edit the image or the video? Well, here is a product that will allow you to take videos in 3D format!

This is one of its first kinds of 3D video camcorder to be released in the market, which obviously records videos in three dimensions to provide the users a true stereoscopic experience. The video camcorder has two lenses that work together along with the 3 megapixel image sensor to record different quality images, which are then collated together to form a 3D video as the output.

The videos are recorded in .avi formats and in 640 x 840 pixels resolutions, so that won’t take a lot of space for every video you record. The video camcorder has a 4 GB memory card slot that will store all the videos taken from the 3D video camcorder. A 4 GB memory card can hold up to 4 hours of video taping. The output of this camcorder is in 3D and does not require you to wear those 3D glasses to see that the video is actually in 3D. The camcorder also has a jack for headphones and speakers, so you can have the pleasure of viewing and sharing the 3D videos with your friends, or watch it yourself using the headphones without having to disturb anyone.

This is not it. The video camcorder also records in normal, 2D output. So, you can choose the format of your output, namely, 2D or 3D. This video camcorder comes for a great price of $599.95. Product package also includes a USB cable, so that you can copy all the content onto your computer or laptop and keep recording all the videos you want. It also includes a charger for the camcorder.

This product is basically for all the people who love photography, graphics, gadgets, and are fascinated by being updated on new technology, so if you are one of them, don’t hesitate or think twice about getting this product. It is a great investment and you will be greatly satisfied.

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