Scuba Diving Gets Easier With HydroBOB

Who doesn’t love Scuba diving? We all do, but on the other, we are also pretty much afraid of diving into the deep blue sea, especially if it’s too deep.

We all have heard about the various accidents as well where divers lose control and eventually inhale water, which becomes the mere cause of their death. Also, we are afraid of letting the young ones jump into the water. But, hey all, here is one good solution for all your scuba diving related fears. It is the Hydrodome BOB Breathing Observation Bubble!

What is it?

This Hydrodome BOB Breathing Observation Bubble is basically an underwater scooter type with a helmet that allows the rider to breathe while underwater. Isn’t that what you have been looking for? Yup, it will make scuba diving much easier, and of course, safer.

It offers divers and non-divers the opportunity of going deep in the sea without the hassle of swimming or taking care of their oxygen cylinder. This bike has it all and the diver will be carefree completely. The HydroBob is capable of going in the sea pretty smoothly, and it allows the diver to have 180 degrees of clear view in every direction. No goggles would do that for you, would they?

Believe it or not, even if you are not a diver or a swimmer, this scooter offers you the chance of experiencing the marine life live. All you need is a ten-minute briefing and you will be ready to experience the thrill!

What does the scooter have?

The scooter comes with a bubble helmet that the user will wear while diving. There is a seat integrated to sit on and a tank for oxygen. The bike also has a thruster. So, you would just need to sit on the bike, wear the helmet, hold your breath, and push the trigger. You are on your way into the blue!

Unfortunately, HydroBOB is not yet for commercial purposes. Hydrodome charges $25 for an hour’s drive underwater. You can go there and experience the thrill yourself on this HydroBOB scooter!

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Via: Born Rich