Iron Man Hoodie Brings the Golden Age to You

I’ve always been an Iron Man fan, despite never being much of a comic book guy. Mostly I remember him from the Avengers arcade game, and thought he was the most badass from the bunch.

Now, having read some Iron Man literature and seen both movies, I’ve come to the conclusion that my initial impression was accurate. Needless to say then, that when I see the opportunity to buy a Golden Age Iron Man hoodie, I start to get an itchy trigger finger.

Looks like this particular hoodie from Obscurity is custom made by a fan who happens to run an Etsy shop. So, if you’re a fan, I’d take the opportunity now; who knows how many more she will make! Comments on the item show that many are equally impressed with the craftsmanship too. I’d be curious to know how long it would take to make something like this by hand. Maybe the creator could also release a set of instructions for those DIYers out there who would like to give it a shot themselves.

I’m not saying that there aren’t other options if you’re looking for some quality Iron Man gear. If you’re interested to look for more like this genuine article, you can go with something like this Steampunk Iron Man Helmet. Would you like some weaponry to go with it? You have the option to purchase this Iron Man Inspired DIY Light Beam Blaster. Sure it doesn’t spit actual plasma bolts, but that doesn’t make it look any less cool.