The Return of Cthulhu

As Halloween draws nearer, our friendly-neighborhood monsters come out on a prowl at night. And, speaking of monsters, there is nothing more cult classic than the fabled demon of cosmic proportions ala the Cthulhu. So, Bob Basset‘s latest ingenious creation pays homage to the ‘Great Old One’. 

This arcane horror has caused many a fright since the days of our grandfathers, and the terror still continues. Should you be unfortunate enough to encounter this mask in the dark, mental scarring and trauma is guaranteed. Such is the attention to detail, with its blotchy skin, spiky deformations running down the misshapenly elongated skull and life-like tentacles (seemingly long enough to reach and strangle).

Heck, even the paint job seems to be perfect with a dark-greenish color base with varying hues. Reminds you of the Blob too, nonetheless.

Priced at $600, sure it might burn a hole in your pocket but rest assured; this Halloween party, your street cred will go through the roof with this mask. Even if you don’t want to alienate loved ones or the fairer sex by wearing this mask, it is still an excellent collector’s item. So, go forth and acquire it and terrorize the streets.

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So, this Halloween be afraid. Very afraid.