Surreal HTC Concept Packs a Punch

Proving that the recent surge in smartphone technology doesn’t quite go as far as we’d like, Antonie Brieux’s HTC Touch HD Dual concept is mouth-wateringly stylish, and powerful to boot.

HTC Multi OS

Healthy competition between major companies in the smartphone market has resulted in a lot of intuitive, powerful, and well thought out devices being released in the last few years. Gone are the days when we relied on primitive versions of Windows Mobile and their equivalents to customize and install software according to our needs. Antonie Brieux’s design takes current gen smartphones and knocks them up a notch, adding features that we all secretly desire.

HTC Multi OS 3
The HTC Touch HD Dual concept design, incorporates a Dual Core 1.5Ghz Snapdragon processor, with one gig of ROM and RAM memory each. Throw in a 4.8 inch multi-touch AMOLED screen, 32 GB of internal memory, a 10 megapixel dual LED flash camera, HDMI port and standard audio jack, and you’ve got a device fit for kings, at least on paper. The pinnacle feature which renders this phone Sui Generis is Multi OS support. That means you can simply connect the phone with your computer and use the software to change your OS, though we’d personally prefer something like a multi OS boot. All user data including contacts, calendars, and settings remain intact and are transferred over. The buttonless aesthetic is also quite spectacular, with a small portion of the screen simulating hard buttons.

HTC Multi OS 3
This device has definitely left us dribbling. Apart from Multi OS support, we can’t envision smartphones taking too long to catch up with the concept’s specs, especially with the competition induced acceleration in technology anticipated once Microsoft truly enters the fray with Windows 7.

HTC Multi OS 2
The HTC HD Dual may just be a concept at this point, but other Windows 7 phones are now a reality. Don’t forget to take a peek at the recently featured Dell Venus Pro and other notable releases sorted by carrier.

Via: Yanko Design