Now for Kids: 1.6 Meter Bipedal Exoskeleton for Children

Well I remember seeing a Dexter cartoon quite some time ago, in which he alone was really bad at dodge ball, with three kids always beating him up, and he could never beat them because of his short stature and weak arms. He then turned to his most lethal weapon “Science”.He built a robot with human like stature and easily defeated all the three boys at dodge ball. Now, if you didn’t have the chance to look at that robot then let me just say that it looks exactly like the one you see below, though it is for a completely different purpose.This robot is for kids, enabling them to superficially walk on two legs and have a couple of good strong mechanical arms.

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Even though mothers will give reproachful looks before having their baby let a ride on it, especially as it is controlled by the children themselves, but the developer Sakakibara-Kikai had all the precautions in mind when he was building this robot.  The robot has hand grip control with movement limitations so that the situation does not get out of hand, also it hardly walks its movement mostly resembles that of a slow shuffle. It can be defined as a bipedal exoskeleton for children, durable and resistant, providing protection to your small child’s bones which are fragile and delicate.


Robot doesn’t run on its own, it is powered by gasoline. It’s height is about 1.6 m and it weight’s (actually its mass) is a massive 180 kilos, so don’t expect it to fall down that easily by a push, even if you try hard, still it will be a difficult task. Next thing about it is its price, now the production cost is not known but the manufacturers have informed in public that this robot will cost about 1,800,000 yen or more relevantly US$21,000 although initially it will be available to public only in Japan. More interestingly, is the fact that this is not the first of its kind, in fact the same manufacturer had initially developed a larger robot called the Landwalker, about 6 years ago, and is more than double the height of kid’s-walker, 3.4 meters expect it to have immense weight as well. So overall, Kid’s walker is a great product for your kids allowing them more freedom but giving you more control at the same time.

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Via: Gizmag