The iPhone 4 Glif Tripod Mount Stands Above the Rest

At first glance, trying to get seed money to start a business manufacturing iPhone tripod mount stands doesn’t really sound all that revolutionary. I mean, surely there are a ton of stands out there already, right? Well the Glif here isn’t your average iPhone 4 stand, and the creators have gone out of their way to show us why.

Of course, the basic functionality here is pretty obvious. You use your Glif to mount the iPhone 4 on a Tripod or mount the phone at an angle. From there you can do all sorts of fun stuff like hands-free Face Timing, watching videos, shooting your own videos, use your iPhone as a standing alarm clock, and so on. Your average tripod won’t work as the iPhone doesn’t contain a threaded nut (a standard on just about any camera you’ll ever get your hands on), so these guys are out to reinvent the wheel iPhone style with the Glif.

The issue here is that production of the Glif can’t start up without some start up capital. The creators want to use a process called “injection molding” to make their Glifs, and the set up costs are significant. The Glif will be made out of Santoprene, which is a hard rubber that is apparently pleasant to touch. For funding, they’ve turned to Kickstarter, a site that specializes in funding a variety of projects with one little pledge at a time.  Judging from the start up money they have already received and the sheer number of pledges they’ve gotten already, I’d say they have a good shot of making it. If you’re looking for some other fun iPhone stuff, you’ve come to the right place. You can load up with the Instagram iPhone App or conveniently attach a unique portable keyboard.

Via: KickStarter