14 Funky Washbasin Designs

Bathroom is one place which provides people their much needed personal space and opportunity wherein they can be themselves. A bathroom is a place to relax and rejuvenate for several of us, and for that matter, many people take special care and attention when it comes to designing their bathrooms.

If you are one of those people and if your bathroom includes your washbasin as well, then check out some of the coolest, funkiest, and exceptionally weird washbasins mentioned in the article. If you can’t afford any of those, you will at least be inspired to make your own washbasin to suit your style, character, and liking.

The Origin Sink

“The Origin Sink” by Jin-woog Koo is the most stylish wash basin you could possibly imagine of. It draws inspiration from the water stream that flows into the sea. “The Origin Sink” is an allegorical design that uses a stone as its tap. All you have to do is plug the cobblestone in the water source and the tap is closed.

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Abisko Washbasin

If you want to encourage people to conserve water, just fix this “Abisko Washbasin” in your bathroom. This washbasin uses an angled design which allows wastewater to flow its way down through drainage grill installed in the floor. Remove the drain grill and allow the waste water to just splash all over the floor. I’m sure people would use less water this time just because they are too lazy to clean up the water.

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Splash Washbasin

“Splash Washbasin” series are very colorful, and as the name suggests, it looks like a colorful paint splashed on the white background. It will add a bright and lively atmosphere while maintaining your traditional décor.

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Rolling Ball Washbasin

“Rolling Ball Washbasin” controls water flow and temperature by moving the ball in different directions. Move the ball in or out to control the flow and pressure. Move the ball left or right to control the temperature of the water. It has also got lights in the surface area to give you visual clue of the temperature.

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Aquarium Washbasin

Designed by Luigi Boni and manufactured by Italbrass, “The Moody Aquarium Washbasin” is not only a unique bathroom accessory but also an innovative way of placing your fish tank. It’s made from solid glass and is mounted on a chrome finish brass stand with a front towel rail. It has also got two opening design under a façade of shop dishes on either side of the basin. Now you can have a look at your fishes every time you wash your face.

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Unusual Washbasin

Designed by young designer Ekateryna Sokolova, this “Unusual Washbasin” shape is inspired from an elegant flower. It is manufactured from sheet material, corian or metal which makes it look visually lightweight and elegant resembling a flower, at the same time retaining its strength. The sheet is bent in such manner that a functional shelf is created to keep your towels or other accessories. This washbasin piece will definitely look elegant in your bathroom.

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Wurfel or Falling Water Washbasin

The sound of falling water is very soothing and relaxing to ones ears. Now you can have this soothing sound in your bathroom with this “Wurfel or Falling Water Washbasin” which is inspired, you guessed it right, from falling water. Designed by Chin Chia Lim, this washbasin is an exquisite range of bathroom fitting that carries a flow of water from washbasin to bathtub, creating a soothing sound of falling water.

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LED Sinks

This “LED Sinks” by Jan Puylaert looks funky and cool when lit up. These sinks come in various shades such as lilac, fluorescent orange, lemon yellow, red, and white. LED Sinks will make your home look Hi Tech and technologically advanced.

Swarovski Jewels Sink

Have you ever imagined jewels on your washbasin? Sounds weird right, but take a look at this “Swarovski Jewels Sink” collection from Antologia which will change your mind forever. Now, don’t you agree that it’s the most classic and unique looking sink? The basic white and black sinks have got big sparkling jewels on it to enhance your home décor.

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Sexy Lady Washbasins

This “Sexy Lady Washbasin” is one of the weirdest shaped wash basins you can have at home or probably would not prefer to have at home if you have kids. Especially made for guys who are fond of ladies curves, the sexy lady washbasin is definitely a great company where you need the most.

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Glamour Bathroom Vanities Washbasin

The “Glamour Bathroom Vanities Washbasin” is perfect for modern homes. This futuristic vanity is equipped with modern design, contemporary lit, oval-shaped pod that is an integrated sink under which a hidden drawer slides open to view the interior of wood and lots of storage space.

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Gondola Washbasin

Great home décor comes when you put your personal style into it. So now give your wash basin your personal touch with this “Gondola Washbasin” which is a beautifully designed glass washbasin with a hollow display area in which you can create your own masterpiece.

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Monster Sink

If you’re bored of your old dull looking sink, then get this “Monster Sink,” which is cool and colorful. The Mons Lavabo is an eco-friendly sink concept design, which has got automatic hand sensor, to avoid wastage of water and cool monster shape, which will attract children and even the elders.

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Trendy Round Ceramic Washbasin

For all of those who love football, here is a ball shape wash basin to enhance your bathroom décor and to show your love for the game. The stylish and trendy designs of these washbasins are designed to perfection. This unique globular ceramic range from Meridiana comes in different forms, pattern, and textures, which can be customized according to your preference.

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