Custom Pacman Nails Get the Job Done Right

Maybe I’m more inclined to fashion statements instead of hardware when it comes to retro gaming themes; but when I first saw the title “Custom Pacman Nails,” I immediately thought that someone had painted the old Pacman characters onto their nails. That, in and of itself, would have been pretty damn cool, but this is actually much better. Nails fashioned to look like Pacman characters? That’s some worthy construction.

I’d bet these nails would go along well with a custom bed set or a kid’s room. I mean who wouldn’t want Pacman themed nails holding together their woodwork? No one, that’s who! If you’re interested in making some Pacman nails of your own, the materials needed are pretty straightforward. Naturally, the first things you’ll need are a few nails big enough to customize into pretty Pacman. You’ll also need a few files and a saw to carve out your pieces of retro goodness. Throw together some blood, sweat, and tears, and ta da! Pacman nails for you and everyone you ever knew.

But hey, with all of the great Pacman stuff out there, why limit yourself only to pieces of hardware? Indulge your geeky retro gamer side with some Mosaic Pacman Deco for artistic flare. Alternatively, you could go with a  fully functional Pacman alarm clock. Something tells me I would come to hate the Pacman theme song after the third day or so of waking up to it.  After a week or so, Pacman would be losing some teeth, I don’t care how many bonus fruits I get. I guess that’s why I’m stuck with a regular old alarm clock, since I have the tendency to pummel the devices that dare to awaken me from my slumber. But hey, for the rest of you it’d be kinda cool, am I right?

Via: Illusion 360