With this Infrared Air Guitar Pro Anyone Can be a Rockstar!

So you have always wanted to be a rockstar or at least someone who can play a nice sweet melody on the guitar but you always found it difficult? Don’t worry, with this Infrared Air Guitar Pro you will soon be able to rock your next Halloween party with the Nirvana love buzz song!

Yup, that’s right, this Infrared Air Guitar Pro can make anyone a rockstar. How? It’s pretty simple actually…you don’t have any strings in this guitar but you have infrared beams that work as strings. So, you don’t need to worry about your fingers being swollen up or anything. You can simply strum the ‘infrared strings’ and make your music!

Although it looks like a kid’s toy, it’s not. The infrared strings actually produce quite realistic sounds and if you have ever played a guitar before, you will know how realistic the sounds are. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about your finger placement on the neck. You don’t even need to learn the chords. All you need to do is to press the buttons on the neck according to the chord you want to play and the melody will be formed.  We all know how tough it is to press the strings on a standard guitar, but with this one, things get better. You save fingers of both your hands (from strumming the strings and pressing them on the neck) and at the same time you create music. Isn’t that lovely? For sure it is for me at least. I have spent months trying to learn the chords and maintaining balance on the strings but I am still bad at it.

This one is available for $10.99 which I think is a pretty cheap price tag. Like I said earlier, don’t think of it as a child’s toy. It is one proper gadget which I think every guitarist should have. It is one handy gadget that can fulfill your musical requirements while you are on your next road trip. Of course, everyone would want to have a tiny guitar instead of a huge proper electronic guitar.

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Via: Red Ferret