Inspiring Engineering: Connectivity Linked to a Horologe

For the contemporary world, technology has become a savior. It’s become a trend – a trend that will never fall short of fan followers as newer and elevated gadgets keep hitting the market and get the attention of the consumers hooked.

Furthermore, these days, the application of engineering science has been advancing so much that even gizmos have begun to serve the purpose of multitasking and getting better and better in the said intent with each passing day.

And the latest entrée to the list of such multitasking devices is a wristwatch fitted with a Bluetooth device inside it. The product is a brainchild of Peter Fish, a Hong Kong based private firm, which is known for its quirky yet maven innovations. The product is yet to receive its foreign patents but going by the ingenuity of the prototype, it does look like a worthy asset to covet.

Apart from the fact that the watch has a Bluetooth wedged into it, the other mechanics of the watch are similar to the ones that are currently prevailing. The face of the watch is broad of which to its right, buttons are embedded to indicate call and call ending functions. The strap of the watch is also broad, thus making it easy on the part of the wearer to carry off the load of the Bluetooth, too.

However, the best advantage of having a Bluetooth device fitted into a wristwatch would not be easy mobility. It would be in the fact that one need not keep one’s ears jammed with a bulky package as though wearing a bloated hearing aid; with the device strapped to the wrist and attached to the wristwatch, carrying the Bluetooth along will be more like an appendage than a particular contraption by itself. Not to mention the fact that while talking, the user will appear like a character from one of those high technologically charged superhero movies. Resultant effect – the product becomes an instant hit among the masses.

The details pertaining to the product however are not available though. But contact details of the company are provided making it easy for potential customers to enquire about the gadget and its uses. After all, is not the world just a phone call away – needing just a mere revolution in the right direction; in this case, a revolution full of Bluetooth and a time keeper to manage the nitty-gritty of time.

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