Digital Wireless DVR Camera Kit For Night Surveillance

Security scan was never as amazing as it is going to be now with the new Digital Wireless DVR Camera.

Digital Wireless DVR Camera Kit

Offering night vision, this waterproof security camera enables you to have a full day and night surveillance. This camera comes with a two-way talk that makes it a perfect video intercom system for an increased property security.

With this new Digital Wireless DVR Camera, you can actually view up to four surveillance feeds on just a single screen. This is an innovative waterproof security camera that works even if a robber tries to destroy it by splashing water on it. It also uses motion and body heat detection along with a scheduled recording to save memory.

Digital Wireless DVR Camera comes featuring a PIR sensor to monitor the body heat. It offers night vision up to 50 feet with 0 LUX level and 24 IR LEDs. The receiver in this camera scans the live feed for motion activated recording. In the camera, you will also notice a Date/Time stamp and an overwriting option that allows you to set up the camera without worrying about it running out of memory.

Using Digital Wireless DVR Camera gives you a bundle of benefits. It is not just a camera; it can be used also as an intercom to communicate on camera. Since this is a waterproof camera, it is ideal for outdoor usage even in harsh weather. It can be used not only for home surveillance but also for business surveillance as it supports up to four cameras. It captures action whenever motion or body heat is detected.

The whole Digital Wireless DVR Camera Kit comprises of not just the camera but many other things like the receiver, AV cable, bracket, user manual, 2x antenna, 2x adapter, and yes, of course, the camera itself. This camera works at an operating temperature between -10 degree Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius. You can playback the motion recorded in this security camera at a normal, fast forward, fast backward speed.

The detection sensitivity of this camera works up to a maximum of 5 meters. The camera features a CMOS ¼” sensor, and provides a perfect resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. You can purchase this amazing Digital Wireless DVR Camera Kit in just $199.95. However, this camera kit was earlier priced at $300.00. So, enjoy picking it in a discount price that was never offered before.

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