The Missile Launching Remote Controlled Car

How many of us have seen on television the launching of a rocket for a mission and have had the desire to be able to launch one ourselves? Here is a product that will allow you to do just the same! The product very aptly names the missile launching remote controlled car, has a very sleek design to it as it fulfills the purpose of being a missile launching car.

The remote controlled car launches rubber-tipped missiles from a concealed five barrel launcher. And this is all done with the touch of a button. The missiles are places inside the car windshield which open up at the touch of the button on the remote control, and the missile holder is raised up to release the missiles. The launcher holds up to five 3 ½’ long darts, which are released one at a time at the press of the button on the remote control.

Once all the missiles are launched, the car transforms back into the originals shape and position i.e. with the windshield folded back. The remote control has three movement options namely, forward, backward, left, and right control for the launching of missiles towards the target accordingly. Up to three cars can battle at one time with each other. This remote controlled car runs on six AA batteries and a one 9-volt battery. This cool and one of a kind remote controlled missile launcher comes for a very affordable price of $69.95.

It is recommended for people of ages 8 and over. However since the remote controlled car has some small parts, it is very important to be careful and keep children away when the car is being used, to prevent from any accidents being a choking hazard.

This remote controlled car will also bring back memories of your childhood when having a remote controlled car were considered to be the coolest thing around! So think about all your childhood memories, and the fun you had as a little kid playing with cars. So, gather all your friends and play with them to bring all your memories back to reality!

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