iPod Hoodie Keeps Your Tunes Hot

iPod covers are pretty popular – most people use standard protective sleeves, while others opt for more innovative ones, like the Bacon Case or the Pint of Beer case. The iPod Hoodie finds itself among the latter; it has a quirky design, and looks clean and professional.

This case is quite simple at a first glance; it is quite simply a miniature, nondescript grey hoodie. Big deal, right? Well, while it’s not the most sophisticated design out there, the iPod hoodie really excels in the protection department. Because the hood is a vertical opening, your iPod won’t slip out when it’s tossed in your bag, unlike most novelty one-side-open cases. The hoodie also happens to be lined with fuzzy fleece – it’s completely ridiculous, but at the same time great for added protection.
iPod Hoodie 1
The iPod Hoodie makes dressing up your MP3 player fun and socially acceptable, (unlike putting socks on your cat, that’s just cruel) – but it really would’ve been nice to see other color options besides bland athletic grey. White or black are more appealing shades, especially by iPod standards, and a bright color like red or blue would’ve really brought out the design of the hoodie.

I wish the creators of the iPod Hoodie had thought of adding a drawstring to the hood to make it fully functional – possibly, even giving it a wider neck so that you could listen to music while your iPod was in the hood. Because of the way it’s made, you aren’t able to plug your earbuds into the side jack without severely bending the end, so you have to take it out when listening to it.
iPod Hoodie 2
Personally, I don’t like holding my iPod when it’s in use; I’d rather have it sitting comfortably in my purse just waiting for it to get scratched up. The Hoodie wouldn’t be able to do much protecting while my iPod is being tossed around in there. However, most iPod users I’ve seen hold it in their hands while listening – I’m not sure why, but it’s a pretty normal thing – so I don’t think many people would find the design as big of an issue as I do.

The Hoodie Case can be used for all shapes and sizes of iPods, as it comes in two sizes; one for the larger Classics, Touch, and iPhone, and the other for the current-gen Nanos. It’s a lot cheaper than most cases – at only $18 – so it doesn’t make a bad gift for yourself or for that iPod lover in your life, even if you’re doubtful about how much use you’ll get out of it.