21 Coolest Video Game Costumes for Halloween

What is your costume idea for Halloween this year? If you are about to say anything relatively close to those ubiquitous zombies, vampires or lame animal-inspired costumes, you really need some work out for your imagination. Dressing up like your favorite video game character to manifest your passion and claim your geeky style is never a bad idea.

Below are 21 impressive video game costumes. They are, of course, impressive any time you put them on, but we strongly recommend that you wear them on Halloween only.

Altaïr from Assassin’s Creed

The name of the game says it all for an ensanguined Halloween. Made of heavy suede with three adjustable rear straps and screws to attach the scabbard to the belt, the Altaïr costume has every detail made to match the real one. It will guarantee you a bloody cool look of this elite assassin during Halloween.

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Halo Costume

This super cool costume will make even the most fastidious Halo fan utter in awe. No Halo costume can get more authentic than that.

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Cortana from Halo

The Cortana costume is perfect for the Halo heroine’s fans who enjoy funky purple hair and want little open air on their face. It comes with the legendary Guilty Spark.

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Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid

The armor, the headband, the glove, everything is as perfect as if Solid Snake was just straight out of the video game and gave away the costume for Halloween. And Metal Gear Solid’s fans must not forget that their anti-hero does smoke.

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Chun Li from Street Fighter

Chun Li in the popular video game has captured the heart of millions of gamers and won herself the title “First Lady of Fighting Games”. And this is probably the best Chun Li you have ever seen, in terms of both the costume and the look.

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LEGO Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Any fan of LEGO, Star Wars or LEGO Star Wars – the video game based on the Star Wars themed toy line by the Lego Group – will definitely kill to have this costume. But think twice before you actually get it. You might have difficulty sitting down or getting in a car.

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Marvel Super Hero Costumes

Video game addiction is inherited. If one of the parents is a video game geek, their kids are very likely to be spotted in these costumes on Halloween. Little Captain American and Spiderman from Marvel Super Hero Squad are adorable, aren’t they!

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Pikachu and Samus

Your cute little Pikachu in Pokemon family is all grown up. He brings a date to Halloween! His date, as many video game fans can easily recognize , is Samus Aran from Metroid. Samus looks much sexier in this costume than in the video game.

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King & Queen of All Cosmos Katamari Damacy

A lot of time and effort must have been invested in those homemade costumes to make the bearers look exactly like King and Queen of All Cosmos from PlayStation video game Katamari Damacy.

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Team Fortress 2 Group Halloween Costumes

No one can make a better comment on this than CrunchGear: “Anyone who can round up 8 nerds to dress up like characters from a recently released video game is a master of manipulation. Anyone who can get them to huddle together for a picture, is a demigod.” Halloween is not cool anymore?

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Nintendo NES Controller Dress

Any video game geek girl will love the Nintendo NES inspired dress that Liz Tan wore at the Apartm.net Halloween party. The dress does not look Halloween at all, but its cuteness has gained it phenomenal online popularity as the photos shared and words spread.

Nintendo Gameboy Tube Dress

At $60 for a medium sized one, the Nintendo Gameboy tube dress is an affordable toy for any girl who wants to impress your colleagues or to drive her video game addicted boyfriend crazy. The dress looks perfect with red and black buttons along with grey screen of the classic 8-bit handheld.

Ms. Pacman Top and Skirt

This Ms. Pacman top and skirt is definitely the sexiest Halloween costume a Pacman fan could hope to find with an amazingly sexy top and a matching underwear. Geek girls, we need more costumes like that.

Pacman Game Costume

This Pacman costume is basically a mini gaming arcade with straps that you can wear on. Despite its anti-fashion look, the fact that it is home made and it’s playable should be highly appreciated even by non Pacman fans.

Wack Man Video Game Costume

This video game costume is literally a video game costume consisting of a foam arcade body piece with printed Wack Man game. Funny, nerdy or lame? The answer lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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Bonus: Super Hero Hoodies

If you still can’t find what you are looking for or if those costumes are too complicated for your own good, try your luck with these super hero hoodies. They are safe to wear on both Halloween and non-Halloween days.

Flash Hoodie

The Flash hoodie may not allow you to fight rogue super villains or race around the city at the speed of sound, it will let you show your appreciation for a DC Comics classic and keep you warm on chilly spring nights.

Batman Hoodie

This geeky batman hoodie has few tricks to make it part of the costume world. The hood itself conceals a drop down mask that covers the eyes completing batman’s headgear (ears included) and to add to its versatility it also come equipped with a detachable cape that gets press-buttoned onto the back.

Superman Hoodie

Fans of Big Bang Theory, be ready for Sheldon’s favorite hoodie: the Superman hoodie in its signature colors red and blue.

Mega Man Hoodie

The Mega Man inspired Hoodies, playing with the shades of electric blue, will definitely keep you warm and cozy until spring. This one,  designed by the Brendon Phillips is already a huge hit among all the die-hard Mega Man fans even before it has hit the market.

Captain America Hoodie

The Captain America Hoodie is not just a Halloween costume, for it is a sweatshirt that is too awesome to wear just once a year. With the Captain American colors, design and uniform replica, this hoodie could mean you could dress up even when off duty.