Kiddy Watch Upgrades Your Wrist With Spy Powers

Secret agents have evolved, so have their gadgets and cheap plastic replicas. Don’t go underestimating the plasticity of the SpyNet Mission Video Watch though, as the tech within will even turn that Bond fellow purple with envy.

Spynet Video Watch
The watch which does more than just tell the time is an essential for every aspiring secret agent. There have been many versions, including one that did little more than shoot a squirt of water over a laughable distance. This is the future my friends, and Thinkgeek have got all you need to survive.

Spynet Video Watch Wear

The Spynet Mission Video Watch is loaded with numerous features that will give you an edge over your intelligence counterparts in your next mission. Apart from telling the time and all other chrono functions, the watch has video, audio, and still picture recorder mode, which incidentally also features a time lapse mode, giving you the option of capturing images at intervals ranging from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. There are also other modes that’ll keep you busy in between missions, like Secrets mode, Missions mode with downloadable missions from SpyNet HQ, Games mode, and Spy apps mode.

Spynet Video Watch Camera

It has enough in-built memory to let you record about 20 minutes of video, 4 hours of audio, and up to 2000 pics, which isn’t much by today’s gadgetry standards but for $59.99 we won’t be doing any complaining. Since no gadget can survive today without some sort of add-on, for an extra $29.99, you can purchase the Snake Cam add-on which lets you look around corners, or hide it in your sleeve and record through the button hole in your shirt. Just don’t interrogate your suspects with it, ok? Now get out there and make Mama ‘M’ proud.

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Via: Thinkgeek