Space Age Bedroom Set for the Third Kind

In this era of electronic information, geeks abound. And, we, uber nerds battling insomnia, Carpal tunnel, syndrome and hunger pangs, don’t really have the time to tidy up the bachelor pad, do we? So, if you’re tired of all your graphic novels, limited edition action figures, and some stale cheetos lying around in a mess, Rochelle Joya‘s ‘Fanboy Bedroom Set’ is the answer to all your woes.

All pegged to “promote organization”, this modular furniture set will not only de-clutter your room, but also make sure you room does not get quarantined by the state authorities. It is not only modular and efficient but aesthetically pleasing too.

The set includes a bed with a functional headboard, a side table and a LED lamp cum Clock. The full sized bed itself doubles up a multi-purpose storage unit as there is ample integrated storage space along an embedded utility drawer. The cool futuristic clock also doubles up as an ambient light source. Even the side table cum storage unit is spacious and incorporates a drawer to stash all your rare and precious graphic novels.

Done up in solid shades of black, white, and grey, this furniture set gives us an insight of how bedrooms might look  in the near-distant future.

For more Space-age bedroom furniture, see the Self Contained Living Space and the Moree LED Cube.

And, who knows this bedroom set might just be the answer to your insomnia, of all things.