Futuristic Biopolymer Fridge

Here’s a really cool concept design from the future. The appliance company Electrolux hosts a design lab each year to collaborate with people on ideas for new product designs, and this year, there were quite a few interesting ideas – especially this one. Russian industrial design student Yuriy Dmitriev designed this very efficient refrigerator as a “Bio Robot Fridge” to provide an alternative for food cooling and our relatively costly version of refrigeration. fridge1 The design is really unique, and the reason that I use the word “efficient” is because it is a smaller design, using a lot less space because there is no motor or standard parts – instead, it’s a lot smaller, and has a very slim design. fridge2 The overall look of the fridge is pretty cool Each item you put in the fridge is stored in its own vacuum bubble, formed out of the biopolymer. It’s great because this means that food odors won’t get mixed, and you can easily find what you were trying to pull out. The interface is pretty neat, and of course it is a concept design, but it would be pretty cool to see it implemented. fridge3 Electrolux released the following notes on the concept:

Four times smaller than a conventional refrigerator, the Bio Robot cools biopolymer gel through luminescence. Rather than shelves, the non sticky, odorless gel morphs around products to create a separate pod that suspends items for easy access. Without doors, drawers, and a motor, 90% of the appliance is solely given over to its intended purpose. At the same time, all food, drink, and cooled products are readily available, odors are contained, and items are kept individually at their optimal temperature by bio robots. The fridge is adaptable – it can be hung vertically, horizontally, and even on the ceiling. Different sizes and dimensions allow it to perfectly fit the accordant dwelling.

The fridge was recognized as a finalist for the competition “Electrolux Design Lab 2010.” fridge4 fridge5 You can also read about the Invico futuristic cooking appliances or the Electrolux Cooking Snail. Via Scene360