Even Automobiles Go the Open Source Way

Open Source revolution has always been a sore eye for the ‘evil’ corporations, but of late, it was limited to computer software. Now, a new era of automobiles dawns upon us as Paxterra Electromotive comes up with the Photon S3 Initiative.

The novel idea, a brainchild of Carmelo Intersimone (USA), is a unique production development experiment designed to follow an open source model using crowd-funding as support. Here, the investors are involved in all phases of production including financing, purchasing, and eventually manufacturing.

The Photon S3 is a two-seat, battery-electric vehicle designed for maximum efficiency and performance. It’s design incorporates basic low-cost tooling, easy assembly, and the highest quality sourced parts, ensuring it meets the industry standards. The tag line being “safe, fun, fast, and affordable”.

Powered by a powerful 144V Lithium compound battery, it’s sure to give you the speed thrills and save the environment at the same time. A high-performance chassis ensures it is ‘road safe’ too.

After the road testing verification, the design engineering details will be released in a public domain database, including CAD files. Paxterra hopes to launch fully functional production models and do-it-yourself assembly kits by 2011.

When this roadster does get launched, there are no limits on the growth of the design. So, hundred years down the line, this very prototype is likely to incorporate a hyper-space drive.

So, be a part of this unique venture and enjoy the ride!

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