20 Awesome Comic Book Masks for Halloween

Halloween is just round the corner and I bet you all are gearing up for it, planning and preparing for the Halloween party. In case you are planning to go for an attire or costume based on your favorite comic hero or want something that will make you stand out in the crowd, then check the coolest comic masks that are mentioned in this article. These masks are for all ages and they can easily blend with your favorite comic character costume.

The Spider-Man Venom Mask

We all remember Spider-Man Venom, the bad guy from the movie, which was quite scary at times. If you want something different, scary and something which can show a little bit of your bad side this Halloween, then get this “Spider-Man Venom Mask” for yourself. This Mask is made out of Latex and is very comfortable to wear. So next time, when your friend wears Spider-Man costume for a dress party or Halloween party, you can take out your Venom Mask and show him that bad side of yours.

Dr Manhattan Mask

If you loved the Watchmen comics and movies, then you will certainly find this “Dr Manhattan Mask” alluring. This mask almost looks like the replica of the superhero mask that you have grown up idolizing. It’s made up of Latex which is very comfortable to wear and comes in all sizes.

Joker Mask

Joker is a character loved by kids. However, if kids see you wearing this “Joker Mask”, I bet they will surely be scared of jokers. This mask is scary in its own ways – with its long teeth, green eyebrows, green hair, and scary eyes, giving you a very creepy feeling.

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Hulk Mask

There are many superhero characters in movies and comic books, but you must have one favorite superhero of your own from so many, right? If the Incredible Hulk is your favorite, then here is a “Hulk Mask” for you. You may have had many accessories of your favorite superhero, but you can add one more to your list, and that is this mask which is cool and very easy to wear.

The Incredible Hulk

Inspired by the famous movie character, “The Incredible Hulk” mask is unique and the coolest one. The detail work on this mask is amazing and feels very real. It’s cute as well as a scary looking mask which is perfect for you or your kids to wear on Halloween.

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Hellboy Mask

Unleash the Beast within you with this “Hellboy Mask”. Hellboy is a complicated character in limbo between escaping demonhood and becoming human. If you want to dress up like Hellboy for this Halloween, then Hellboy Mask is a must for you.

Batman Mask

Most of you must have dreamed of being Batman after seeing this superhero’s costume and the gadgets he uses. Now, you can dress up like Batman and feel like a superhero this Halloween by wearing this “Batman Mask”. It’s easy to wear and even comfortable to breathe in this mask.

Product: $23.99

Wolverine Origins Mask

This Halloween, wear something different from those conventional masks available in the market. Try this “Wolverine Mask” which is inspired by the famous comic book hero. This mask is very comfortable to wear and looks quite realistic.

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Superman Mask

This “Superman Mask” is perfect for kids to wear for this Halloween and to have some fun with their favorite superhero costume and even feel like one. The detail work on this mask is excellent, which makes this mask look real.

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Captain America Mask

One more superhero mask for you to add to your superheroes collectibles is this “Captain America Mask”. This mask is perfect for your Halloween parties. Moreover, it also seems that the mask can keep you warm during this fall season.

Flash Mask

Don’t you all remember the Flash, the superhero who moves with the speed of light and who can definitely beat Usain Bolt without any effort? Well now, you have a chance to become your favorite superhero Flash with this amazing “Flash Mask”. This Mask is obviously Red in color with its traditional yellow colored antennas emerging from the sides. Flash Mask is quite unique in style and is something different to wear for this Halloween.

Rorschach Mask

As a kid, almost all of you must have loved the Watchmen Movies and comics and have grown up idolizing the superheroes. Now, you can be your favorite superhero this Halloween and whenever you want, with this “Rorschach Mask”, known as the masked crusader of justice.

Wolverine Mask

If you’re bored of those same old scary and ugly looking mask and want to experiment something new and different this Halloween, then get this “Wolverine Mask”, which is inspired by the comic superhero. This mask is comfortable and easy to wear.

Silver Surfer Mask

Here is another Marvel Comics character mask for you to add up to your closet of superheroes accessories, the “Silver Surfer Mask”. This mask is inspired by the Silver Surfer character from the Fantastic Four movie, and is truly unique and different.

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Deadpool Mask

Deadpool is a Marvel Comics character who is a high tech mercenary implanted with a healing factor extracted from the X-Men’s Wolverine. This “Deadpool Mask” is unique and different, and because of its bright red and black color, this mask looks very attractive and will definitely pull eyes toward you whenever you wear it.

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Human Torch Mask

Another Marvel Comics Mask from the Fantastic Four movie is the “Human Torch Mask”. The Human Torch is a superhero with fire powers who is a member of the Fantastic Four in the movie, in case you’re not aware of it. This mask can be great for your costume parties or for the coming Halloween.

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Iron Man Mask

Iron Man Mask” is perfect for all Iron Man movie fans. If you want to look like your favorite superhero this Halloween, then get this Iron Man mask, which will make you feel like you’re a superhero; but don’t get too carried away because this mask will not grant you any super powers, too bad!

Spider-Man Mask

Spider-Man is a superhero which is a favorite of all, from children to adults. So why not show your love for your favorite superhero this Halloween by wearing this “Spider-Man Mask” and dressing up like a real Spider-Man. This mask will be perfect for Halloween theme parties.

V for Vendetta Mask

V for Vendetta” rebellious mask which was well-known for the series V for Vendetta is something that even today stands as a symbol for protests and revolutions in the world over. This Halloween, wear this mask to show your protest or to stand for some cause. If not, you can just get this mask as a collectible from the V for Vendetta movie merchandise.

The Punisher Mask

Another superhero mask for you to wear for this Halloween is “The Punisher Mask”. This mask will be very unique among the crowd of same old scary masks and will even give you a feeling of superhero.