Parallel of Time Clock is a Celebration of Parallelograms

You can’t really go wrong with the ménage à trois of design, horology, and recycled materials. The “Parallel Of Time” clock celebrates 50 years of Clarke Hopkins Clarke, built on the concept that time is parallel. Time is displayed using an interesting network of cables connecting four clock dials, which results in an eye catching design.Parallel Time 01
The clock continues the popular trend of displaying time in a manner which requires the user to think to be able to tell it. It makes use of interconnected parallelograms, to create a rotating illosury timepiece. Four clocks are positioned so that the hands on every clock produce the same angle, and thus the lengths of the connecting cables remain constant as the hands rotate. The result? An intriguing rotating geometrical shape.

Parallel Time 02

In terms of materials, the watch is made of recycled plastic, chronometric mechanical parts, cable, and glass. No word on availability yet, but you can register your interest with the studio to know when it becomes available. We wouldn’t expect it to be too expensive even though all things designer usually come with a hefty price tag. Having a timepiece like this may contribute to a minimalist interior, and also serve as a topic of conversation once your friends come around. I for one, would love one of these to go with my monochrome decor.

With so many clock and watch design concepts coming into being, there is the indication that both are far from dead, and they will always hold a profound symbolic place in our lives. Check out a few of my favorites previously covered on Walyou; the dial pocket watch concept which  aims to claw back at the cellphone that replaced it, the sweet-looking Pong Game Clock, and for a clock that takes out the hurriedness experienced from looking at the time, the Poetry Reading Clock.

Via: ClarkHopkinsClarke