Razer Naga Molten Special Edition With Keypad

You might have used different types of mouse for your computer but there is something different and special about the new Razer Naga Molten Special Edition Mouse.

Razer Naga Molten

Featuring an exciting new look, this award winning Naga Mouse can work both as a keyboard and a mouse. In fact, it allows you to shift the balance between keyboard and mouse by just putting an unprecedented number of in-game.

There is a smart multi button grid on Razer Naga Special Edition and a cool MMO game interface that allows you to command the functions from the palm of your hand. This appealing mouse boasts of its ergonomic form that has been especially shaped to maximize ease of use.

It has 17 MMO optimized buttons for effortless usage and some of the buttons include a revolutionary Razer Naga thumb grid. The mouse has been stuffed with the amazing driver software that lets you easily organize your keys with great character abilities. You can even easily remap and assign macros to all the 17 buttons of this mouse.

Offering you uttermost comfort for long gaming sessions, Razer Naga Edition makes you enjoy endless hours of gaming. Have fun forming your skills and wiping out visual clutter with this special edition device that has been especially designed for MMO Games.

Razer Naga Molten 1

Razer Naga has an appealing design on its top that illuminates orange when the device works. Its 17 buttons feature macro capability; 5600spi resolution and an amazing color scheme that makes it look cool especially with its black color. There is also a scroll wheel on the new Razer Naga that has a cracked lava sort of design that makes it look really awesome.

Featuring 3.5G Laser Sensor, Razer Naga Molten Special Edition has a 1ms response time and an ultraslick feet. Apart from this mouse, Razer has also launched another special edition of its Naga MMO gaming mouse that is bit similar to Razer Naga Molten Special Edition but has a blue whirlpool of entrancing blue light backlighting on a black color body.

This amazing new Razer Naga Molten Special Edition can be yours if you are ready to spend $79.99 and the estimated shipping date for this cool computer accessory is November 29th, 2010. Don’t miss out Razer Naga Molten Special Edition, if you are die hard MMO Game fan, as it will make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

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Via: Razerzone