Helmet with a Difference: The Hövding Effect

Cyclists face a constant danger, especially while riding a cycle on the main roads and streets filled with vehicles. Of course, protective helmets are worn by the cyclists to cushion the impact, but sometimes it so happens that a fatal injury is caused because of the impact of the helmet hitting the head.

Thus keeping this drawback of the commonly used helmets in mind, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have designed the Hövding – meaning Chieftain – which acts as an air-bag and protects the cyclists from head injuries.

The innovators of Hövding have managed to blend in creativity with utility amazingly. The helmet, unlike the general ones, does not cover the head. On the contrary, it is like a collar hanging around the wearer’s neck so much so that at a first glance, one cannot even construe about the gadget being a helmet. Only when there is a collision, does the air-bag come out like a hood cushioning the head from any injury. Furthermore, the shell of the attachable collar is available in many styles and materials, thus making it easy for the user to carry it around. This easy flexibility about the carrying the helmet around is what will appeal to the masses – especially those who do not like toting the common helmet around like a baggage on the hip.

The prototypes of Hövding were showcased for the first time at a Technical Fair in Stockholm and given time, these prototypes could end up proving to be one of the most important instaurations – both in terms of maintaining a fashion sense as well as providing complete utility and safety to the wearer.

And if this helmet does become a hit among the masses, it would help relieve the worry that parents face when kids take fast cycling on the streets without being bothered about approaching vehicles. This gadget with its collar-like attachment would enable the kids to carry on with their sport while their parents feel relaxed about kids not strapping their helmet straps or cycling completely without any protective head gear.

When it comes to helmets, almost everyone tries to shirk wearing it. It’s like an encumbrance even when it is supposed to be protecting the most important part of the human body.  Which is why, this creative conception will help revolutionize and propel the patrons towards wearing helmets rather than try avoiding it. To market a commodity, it has to have a USP and the case of Hövding; the USP is the fact that it is light and compact, has the potential to give the wearer a far better safeguard than its peers and is more fashionably viable.

Between choosing from the best and compromising with the existing, going for the former option is better. Development in technology is something that one sees and needs, and if this development is made for protecting one’s life, then why compromise? After all, isn’t life precious?

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Via: TreeHugger